Quality matched remanufacturing service

Parts returned to OE specification with next day delivery

Remanufacturing is accurately defined as bringing product back to its original specification through a combination of genuine spares, approved test equipment, trained personnel and relevant software. It demands a high level of investment in technology and training, but allows us to offer cost effective product that’s as good as new, delivered next day, complete with a comprehensive 12 month warranty.

Letting the customer choose between remanufacture and repair is a savvy move. Garages and repairers that can give customers the choice between remanufacture and repair stand to benefit in several ways. Not only will you convey a higher level of technical expertise, but your customers’ expectations can be better managed and set at the outset, moving the emphasis away from cost and towards quality and service. This can only be good for customer retention and referral, and the bottom line is also improved by a faster turnaround and higher invoice values.