Next day UK delivery

Fast, efficient distribution network

With over £1m worth of stock on our shelves at any one time, and thanks to our next day delivery service, we can make sure you can get the part you need, when you need it. We also offer a European VOR service, which means we can search Europe-wide for specific parts for urgent delivery, using a full electronic cross-reference system.

Our full range not only includes products relevant to our specialism – diesel fuel injection – but also a variety of other parts, including braking system components, ancillary items such as fuel filters and electrical supplies, such as starter motors and alternators.

We can provide you a choice of new, remanufactured and repaired diesel injectors and pumps, offering you and your customer a choice of cost options. And it’s not just diesel systems we can cater for, either, we also offer a selection of new petrol injection parts including oxygen (Lambda) sensors and air mass meters.

For more information, visit our trade site if you’re a business customer, otherwise, please visit our dedicated retail site.